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ATTENTION: School Administration

ATTENTION: School Administration

Are you STRUGGLING to retain or ATTRACT students into your school’s virtual teaching sessions?

Due to various reasons, many if not most students are not arriving on time and or not paying attention if and when they do show up.

I have a solution! Let me help you solve this issue.

Hire Me (Virtual Magician), Anthony Ware, TODAY!

In times like these, many school staff faces challenges with the DAUNTING task of finding creative INCENTIVES that cover the 3 E’s:


So their students desire to attend their school’s online classes repeatedly. As you are aware, many celebrities and television hosts are ‘Zooming‘ from home.

Ah, the marvels of technology!

I am pleased to let you know that Anthony Ware Magic is available to present a Virtual Magic Show.

The virtual presentation is an incentive for your students as an exciting way to captivate their rapt attention and desire to continue to attend your school’s virtual classes.

My VIRTUAL SCHOOL MAGIC SHOWS have helped many people like you solve the challenge of finding something covering the three E’s, which will have your VIRTUAL students sitting on the edge of their seats with mouths wide open from amazement!

And, And, AND when they leave the virtual show, they were entertained and have learned some valuable lessons.

One of my popular virtual school shows:

D.A.N.C.E., an acronym for Don’t Allow Negativity to Conquer Excellence!!!

So, though your students become thoroughly engaged with the excitement of various magic tricks that have them all “oohing,” “ahhing,” laughing, and clapping, they are also being educated with messages housed within the powerful message of D.A.N.C.E.

Suppose you are ready to invoke LOTS of fun and playfulness in your online student body while educating. In that case, my VIRTUAL Comedy EDUCATIONAL MAGIC SHOW is THE perfect addition to your online classes.

You and your students located in any city or town will share a front-row seat, all from the comforts of your own home.

Give your students a day they will not soon forget. Anthony Ware Professional Magician

Are you looking for a professional to enhance your virtual sessions? From his roots serving in the United States Army to his professional career as a comedy magician, Anthony Ware brings his enthusiastic expertise to live events in digital format.

Anthony keeps students thoroughly engaged, entertained, and educated. He taps into his 20-years of experience to quickly create a bond between your students and himself. Whether he’s working entertaining, engaging, and educating a small group of students of 5 or a packed virtual capacity meeting, his professionalism shines through.

Professional Virtual Comedy Magic Shows: Anthony is “virtual organized” and uses various up-to-date technologies with his clients to deliver online events almost as vibrant as if he was in your school.

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Text or Call virtual School Show Magician Anthony Ware @ 443-414-2150

Want More Details?
Text or Call Virtual School Show Magician Anthony Ware

@ 443-414-2150

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